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What our clients think…

My Husband and I play slots together and we had all of are superstitions on what to do and what not to do. Then we learned how to do the Slot Shuffle after reading Slay The Slots. Now we enjoy playing even more and we are finally winning..

Peter and Debbie M.  Calabasas, CA

Since I’ve been playing slots my belief was you put in your money, press the button and hope for the best. But not NO MORE! After reading Slay The Slots I became an overnight , winning Slot Slayer!

Paul F  Toms River, NJ

As much as a magician shouldn’t reveal his secrets, I think this ‘Slot Slayer” did a favor by publishing these tips on slot strategies.  The Casinos make enough money, its good to see the little guy get a piece of the pie.  Well done!

Angelo B  Philadelphia, PA

I’ve read just about everything out there when it comes to slot play and it’s refreshing to see that the “Slot Slayer” gets right to the point and gives us the straight story on how to play.  The tips that I get from him and the Slot Society have made me some good money…I’ll keep Listening and keep Playing!

Brenda S Seattle, Wa

Two days after I returned from my trip from PA I found out about this e-Book – Slay the Slots….I think if I read it before I went I wouldn’t have lost as much as I did and would have planned out my winning ways as it states in the book.

Karen R, New York City

My wife told me to get the book because we were going to Atlantic City for the weekend, but being the know it all that I am, I chose not to get it.  The first night at the slots I got crushed! So I read the book and the biggest thing that I learned was the fact that I really didn’t know as much as I thought about playing slots. But now I know Hoe To Hit It and Quit It and I am in the Winning Ways!!

Philip D Hunt Valley, MD