slot machine strategy


Being good at slots is no different than any of the other table or machine games in a casino. It takes, smarts, savvy and a good slot machine strategy. We call this sction Slot Savvy because it dedicated to helping all of our thousand of members become better, profitable slot players. All you have to do is be a member, and membership is FREE. Then you can ask the Slot Slayer, the most consistant jackpot winner known, any question you like regarding slot play. And if he doesn’t know the answer, which is not likely, he will do his best to find out. Slot Slayer wants to help develop your slot machines strategy


Member Questions:

Joan Asks: “Are the odds better on higher denomination Machines?”

Slot Slayer Response: Joan I have found out in my play that out of all the High Limit machines that $25.00 seem to be the most consistent. And it’s not all $25.00 machines but certain ones. I talk more in detail in my new book entitled SLAY THE SLOTS! It talks about how to find the hot machines and it goes in to detail on Slot machine strategy and a new system that I developed called the Slot Shuffle! So order a copy to day and begin your winning ways!

Jim Asks: “Hey Slot Slayer I noticed that Vegas is having allot of specials lately so they must be hurting. Does that mean the machines will be looser?”

Slot Slayer Response: “Last couple of years Las Vegas has been hurting due to the economy. This year not so much but they still are no where doing the numbers they did in the past. As far as the machines I have found in certain Casinos the machines are really tight, especially during the less busy periods. So my advice would be to Casino bounce and til you get the feel of what’s hot and what’s not in certain Casinos. Then I would play conservative and use my Slot Shuffle System to build up you Slot Stash, it’s all listed in detail in my top selling e-book Slay The Slots – order it NOW! Then take the shot with the Casino’s money!”

Araminta Asks: “How do u find loose slots among penny slots”

Slot Slayer Response:

There are allot of ways to find those hot machines but it all depends on the casino and where you are playing. In my e-book – Slay The Slots I give you all the different ways to not only help you find those hidden hot machines, but how to be slot savvy and seek out those Jackpots. Get a copy of Slay The Slots – it will be the best investment you ever made!

Good Luck Slaying Those Slots,