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Slot machine tips


Slot machines are the most exciting action in any casino in the world…hands down.  Their flashing lights and sounds that echo though out the casino can attract the attention of anyone the instant they even come close to the floor, and they are also signals to the player that there is money to be won… Along came the ‘Slot Slayer’ who changed everything we have ever known about playing slots! He is now giving away his slot machine tips !

Who is the “Slot Slayer”?   Read on and learn more

slot machine strategySlot machine play is also the most misunderstood game in the casino industry, and it’s the game that everyone can play.  You don’t have to feel intimidated in learning complicated rules, you just need to be a bit more educated on how to play.  It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, if you are 21 or 80 years old.  It’s  just you, the machine and lady luck!   But slot players can have an advantage if they follow the Slot Slayer’s methods. That is why the Slot Slayer became part of our worldwide network of slot players.  He has won hundreds of thousands of dollars playing slots, and now he wants to show you how to be a part of the winning ways.  You will never see the Slot Slayer, his identity will remain anonymous due to the fact that casinos don’t want you to learn his slot slaying methods, there’s too much risk for them.

The Slot Slayer has tasked us with one simple goal….get his tips out to the public so others can benefit from the success he has already enjoyed for the past two decades.  He will better educate our members with legal slot machine tips, tricks and strategies that have been tested and proven to increase your odds of winning.  Along with sharing the knowledge of how to win at slots. Another goal is also to provide as many possible discount deals we can find for you with casinos in order to get you to get the most out of your visit to the casino.  The Slot  Society will keep everyone informed on everything slots, and SLOTS ONLY!  Form tournaments to social gatherings, you will be notified of everything you need to know…but space in the Slot Society is limited. SO JOIN NOW. IT’S FREE!

“If you are not playing a system, then the slots and the casinos are playing you”

The Slot Society is network that is dedicated in sharing the best strategies in slot machine play.  We offer a free news letter that will address the following subjects.

  • How to locate the “loose” slot machines in the casino
  • What Casinos have the loosest slots and where they are
  • Secret slot machine tips from the “Slot Slayer” himself….you won’t believe what he is going to share with you
  • Discover where the best slot machines to play in the casinos are in the house
  • Know when to move on to the next machine: Are you staying too long, leaving too early?  You probably are, and it is costing you money.
  • Learn when is the best times of the day and year to play slots
  • Everything you need to know about video slot machines and how to win
  • Discover the 10 most important rules you must abide by while playing slots.
  • How to size up a casino to know exactly where you should be playing
  • Find out where the best slot tournaments are and get invited.
  • Learn the top 10 mistakes almost every slot player makes
  • And so much more!

Who is the Slot Slayer?

As we mentioned before, you will never see or meet the Slot Slayer.  The information he has been sharing to OUR MEMBERS has made him very unpopular with the casino industry. But because what he does is legal, so there is nothing anyone can do about, especially the casinos!

By accepting our free news letter you will have access to free tips from the Slot Slayer himself along with his team of professional slot players.  There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain, it’s only an opportunity to improve your slot play in the winning way.

In the end…You will learn to play slots like you never have before and transform yourself from a slot player to a Slot Slayer!